Community Service

Community Service Chairpersons:
Kathy Hallet and Nancy Brieske  
Link for direction:Vet roll Pillowcases
  • For 12 X 16 Pillow
    Yardage - Patriotic Theme
    16 x 27 Pillowcase Body
    2 x 27 Pillowcase Accent
    8 x 27 Pillowcase Cuff
    Sewing the cuff
    Trim off any selvage edges from the 3 fabrics.
    Fold the 2” accent strip in half with the wrong sides together and iron flat.
    Place the 8” cuff strip right side up on your work space.
    Place the 2” accent strip on top of the pillow case cuff, raw edges even on the top edge.
    Pin or baste in place.
    Place the Pillowcase body piece on top, right side down, matching the raw edges. Pin in place.
    Loosely fold the Pillowcase body fabric, accordion style toward the pinned raw edge.
    Take the bottom raw edge of the pillowcase cuff fabric and place that bottom raw edge on top
    with the other raw edges.
    (You should have the wrong side of the pillowcase cuff fabric on the outside, with the
    pillowcase accent strip and pillowcase body fabric stuffed inside)
    Sew a 1/4” seam through all layers.
    Now pull the Pillowcase body fabric out the Pillowcase Cuff, turning the Pillowcase Cuff “tube”
    right side out.
  • Iron the Pillowcase Cuff and Accent Flat.
    Sewing the Body
    Fold the pillowcase wrong sides together, sew a SCANT 1/4 “ seam around side
    and bottom. Iron the seam and trim any loose threads.
    Turn pillowcase wrong side out and sew a generous 1/2” seam on side and bottom
    so that the first seam is enclosed. Turn Pillowcase right side out and Press.
    NOTE: If you are donating fabric rather than making your own pillowcases.
    Please donate fabric in 27” by width of the fabric (selvage to selvage) or
    multiples of 27”.
    This will allow us to get the most out of the fabric with little to no waste.
    For example:
    27 x width of fabric (3/4 Yard)
    54 x width of fabric (1 ½ Yards)
    81 x width of fabric (2 ¼ Yards)
    108 x width of fabric (3 Yards)


Saturday Sew March 2016

 Mary with granddaughters Jamie and Jenna.
The leader of our pack Barbara .

Nina with granddaughter Natalie.
Natalie testing out the finished dog beds.
The beds will be donated to the
Humane Society of Southern WI

2015 Holiday Project
 There are two projects this year for the holiday gifts program for Rock County Human Services.
We are making fun bags for the boys and doll quilts for the girls.   The guild will be purchasing things to put in the bags and some dolls too.  We hope to have 30 bags and 30 quilts.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated.  Our deadline is the October meeting.

Friendship stars 2015 Project
Boy Bags

Bags for Boys Friendship Stars Quilt Guild Project 2015 Need:
 Outer Fabric Lining Fabric Strap fabric Fusible fleece or pellon Make the bag and lining Cut (2) 12 ½” squares of each fabric Sew the bag, right sides together on 3 sides. Sew the lining, right sides together on 3 sides. Make the straps Cut (2) 2 1/2” strips 18” long Cut (2) pieces of fusible pellon or interfacing 1' wide & 18'long. Fuse the strips of pellon to the wrong side of the straps, centering it on the strip Sew the strips right sides together lengthwise using ¼ seam forming tubes. Using a tube turner or similar tool, turn straps right side out and press, having the seam centered on one side. Reinforce with top stitching. Assemble the bag Mark the lining fabric 2” from the seams for strap placement Turn the outer fabric bag right side out and put it in the lining bag, right sides together, matching the side seams. Using the marks on the lining fabric, place the straps towards the center and between the lining and the outer fabric bags. Make sure they are not twisted. (The seamed part of the strap should be facing the lining.) Sew around the top of the bags using ½” seam. Leaving an opening between the straps on one side for turning. Using the opening, turn the bag right side out, putting the lining inside the outer fabric bag. Press the seam allowance of the opening in between the bag and the lining. Top stitch around the top edge to close the opening and make a finished edge.
Your bag is finished!

Friendship Stars Quilt guild members have made and donated 17 lap quilts and 4 bed quilts to Azura Memory Care in Clinton WI.
We did this as a community project several years ago
Kathy and Nancy continue to make and donate quilts for them.
They are so generous with their time and talent!

We dedicate our November Meeting
 to support Rock County Human Services
Holiday Family Needs Program.

Gift suggestions from Rock County Human Services
Donation date is Thursday 11/13/2015 at our meeting.
Anything Marvel or Avenger Super Hero Stuff
WWF Wresting merchandise
Loom Bands
Craft Kits of any kind for ages from 5 years up to teenager (boys and girls)
Monster High anything
Ever After High anything
Dora the Explorer
Diego (Dora's pal)
Paw Patrol toys
Legos and building blocks of any kind for all ages from infant to teenager
Frozen (the movie) merchandise
Disney Princess stuff
Gift Cards to local stores
Board games for all ages
Fingernail Polish
Makeup kits
Cologne for Boys (such as Axe Sprays)
Matchbox cars
Toy Trucks
Jurassic World and Minions

The pillows and cases donated in November 2014.
Our pillowcase challenge resulted in 27 pillowcases (with pillows!) donated to the Gifts Program for Rock County Human Services  which helped over 300 children get Christmas gifts in 2014.